Microbusiness Coaching


Mentoring is valuable in life and in business.  I have invested thousands of hours and dollars in learning from others that are further along in their success – and still do!  Every moment and penny spent has been invaluable.

In the same manner, private coaching sessions for Microbusinesses (5 employees or less),  solopreneur, self-employed or those interested in starting a new business are now available! 

When I was new in business I could not afford most business coaches, but I needed help (I found business coaching fees ranged $400-$1000+ per hour). (The coaching I received was good, but I paid more than was wise for my particular situation, as someone who was so small and new in that particular type of business. Also, my coaches had zero experience in my industry.)

Coaching is extremely valuable yet the thought of it can be intimidating if you have never done it before. Let me get your feet wet in the field of coaching. I can offer some good insight and then point you in the direction you need to wisely grow your business. Actually, I prefer the term, Mentoring, as it reflects the engaging, personal nature of sharing experiences and knowledge, in addition to the genuine care in the success of another.


Some, but not all, of the areas we will cover in our time together include:

  • Discovering your WHY.
  • Clearly identifying your target market
  • Cash Flow training
  • Business planning
  • Casting vision and follow-through
  • Forecasting
  • Making sure you have an updated business plan
  • Identifying marketing objectives
  • Social media avenues to use and how to set them up correctly
  • Laying out a marketing plan based on your goals within the business and the target market we identify.
  • How to merchandise (if applicable)
  • Brainstorming revenue stream ideas.
  • Basics of starting a website.
  • Good bookkeeping practices.
  • Recommend excellent resources
  • Faith-based (This is optional if you are not comfortable reviewing biblical principles of success.)

Additionally, I love teaching businesses the effectiveness of cash flow forecasting, and how it can save your business lots of money when done well.

PRIVATE CLIENT COACHING PACKAGE. 6 months of coaching, 1-hr per week, is $2800 (a 20% discount from my hourly rate).  Each coaching session includes a follow-up email with a typed summary of meeting points. 

ONE-TIME COACHING MEETING$75 for 30 minutes 

Ready to meet or coach via phone?