Ghostwriting, Content Writing, Blogging


Writing is what I love to do! I am available to write blogs or articles for you to publish under your name (ghostwriting), or as a guest contributor. I work with each of my clients to brainstorm topics and an overall blog plan.

Most blog posts/articles are billed based on the requirements of the job such as length and amount of research needed or if I will need to travel or interview folks.

Articles and other content are billed at $.30/word submitted with a 1000 word minimum. Price may vary based on the project.

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On a tight budget and need a simple blog or article? If it doesn’t require extensive research, then I will write a blog post that is billed based on the length:

  • SHORT BLOG ( 300 – 600 words):  $75
  • MEDIUM BLOG (600 – 1000 words): $90
  • LONG BLOG (1000 – 1500 words): $120
  • 1500+ words are billed at the article rate of $.30/word.

I ask that you provide images for the post. I will look for free images, however, if a stock image needs to be purchased, that cost will be added to the final bill. Payment is required at the time of submission.

Feel free to contact me to discuss if this is a good option for you.


With experience in several fields and a wide range of interests, I can write about a large variety of topics.

I love to research and learn new things and my enthusiasm for learning makes it easy to write blogs.

 Areas of experience include Colorado, Living,  Microbusiness, Mindset, Travel, Retail, Small Business, Homeschooling, Health, Parenting, Store Design, Merchandising, Budgeting, Cash Flow, Customer Service, Financial Topics, Real Estate, Fashion, and Christian/Biblical topics.

Current and past of clients from the following industries: Real Estate, Neurofeedback, Health & Wellness, Retail, Financial, Fashion, Fine Jewelry, and more.

I also have written for a regional magazine, personal blogs, and a biographical book.


I love to write, explore, learn, and share! If you have a need for any form of writing in your business, or for consulting, then let’s talk. I understand small business because I am a small business, and have been for many years. Let me help you grow!