Blog Setup and basic Web Design


Many people want a blog or basic website but just don’t know where to start in creating one. Let me help you build a blog and get you going!

  • You can start with a basic website highlighting your business.
  • Let’s connect that to all your social media accounts to get the word out.
  • Use the blog feature to connect with your customers and generate interest in your business.
  • Need help with what to write? That’s my specialty!!

I work exclusively in WordPress, using templates and “plugins” to create the site you need.

There are thousands of templates out there, including free ones, that can create just about anything you want.

Depending on your situation you may need to purchase a template versus using a free one, but I can help you decide what is best and most economical for you. I’ll build it, and link everything to all your social media accounts. If you want someone to maintain it, I can help you with that as well.

Contact me using the form here.

On average, it costs about $250+ to create an attractive blog. I bill at $35/hr*.  *Does not include expenses for hosting or templates you may require.

Note: I am limited to a basic set up. Advanced CSS or HTML is outside of my skill level at the moment. 


I love to write, explore, learn, and share! If you have a need for any form of writing in your business, or for consulting, then let’s talk. I understand small business because I am a small business, and have been for many years. Let me help you grow!