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Here’s the thing…

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Let the blogging adventure begin!

I enjoy writing out so much but I haven’t really tackled the blogging part of it consistently. Instead, I carry a notebook around with me and write out my thoughts either early in the morning or at night. My thoughts and observations run the gamut from business ideas, personal experiences, and spiritual thoughts.

At first, I tried compartmentalizing each area that I wanted to write about into different blogs. Not surprisingly, they all tanked!

So, I’m dusting off one of my unused blogs sites to create a conglomeration of thoughts that can run a wide range. The website is aptly named, Blog Anthology, because that’s what this is – an anthology of blog posts covering just about anything and everything. I originally used it as a portfolio to hold examples of blog posts I had written for clients in the past.

But really, the blog itself is titled, HERE’S THE THING.

One of my saying that I catch myself repeating often is, “here’s the thing…”, followed by my take of the subject at hand.

So welcome to the blog anthology of HERE’S THE THING, a daily blog about, well….anything & everything.

My goal isn’t to make a name for myself or generate income here – rather, I already have the habit of writing every day and God speaks to me while I write. I observe, ask questions, and He answers in my writing. I look back at my notebook and learn so much.

I’d like to share that with you. And it’s an outlet for me to regurgitate what I’ve absorb throughout the day.

I do have a personal website, LauraLPrather.com, but that is really more for potential clients and I don’t want to clutter it with thoughts about tap dance lessons, moving to the Ozarks, getting frustrated with my dog, the lessons of motherhood and becoming an empty nester, or attempting to bake one of my grandmother’s recipes!

Here’s the thing…

I’d love it if you’d subscribe/follow and thank you in advance for your patience as I take a bit of time, tidying up the blog! (It needs some “spring cleaning” and refreshing!)

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