PCSing to Colorado Springs

So you’re one of the lucky one chosen to relocate to Colorado Springs! Undoubtedly you are experiencing a mixture of dread and excitement at the same time. I mean, who likes to PCS (unless you’re in a dreadful place)? However, we think you’re going to LOVE Colorado Springs. Afterall, Colorado Springs is on pace to beat Denver-proper in size by 2050. Folks love the mild weather, the amazing view, and the unending options for activities and adventure at their doorstep.

Even so, what should you expect moving to Colorado Springs?


As a long-time resident of Colorado Springs, the biggest question or assumption I hear is that people assume it is cold in the winter with lots of snow and everyone drives a 4WD.

While there ARE lots of 4-wheel-drives in Colorado Springs, there really isn’t a lot of snow (usually). Our winters are mild and our summers are flat-out amazing. Northern Colorado Springs, near Monument, receives the bulk of the snow. As a result, traveling to Denver in the winter does usually require good snow tires. Also, while you will rarely need to worry about wintery travel in town and on the way to work, if you want to head up to the mountains for anything (which we hope you will!) it is always good to have a reliable vehicle for possible snowy weather.

TIP: No need to worry about having a closet or storage for winter clothes and one for summer. You’ll need all your clothes all year ’round!

Summer rains and clouds can drop the temperature 10-20 degrees in a hurry and once the sun goes down behind the mountain peaks, you’ll wish you had a jacket. In the winter, 60 degree days (and warmer) are not uncommon! 


Because the weather is so mild up here, Colorado Springs boasts a VERY active community. I’m sure by now you have heard that this city has ranked one of the healthiest cities to live in for many years. That’s because there is so much to do that keeps us active – including families. It’s easy to enjoy an adventure.

TIP: Keep lip balm and water bottles on hand all the time. Stash them in your car, stroller, backpack, purse, and around the house.

One of the other things that visitors and new residents alike don’t consider is the ALTITUDE. While adventure is great and awesome and everyone is eager to get started, it’s all fine and dandy until you end up with a fierce headache, nausea, or a nasty sunburn (we’re clost to 7000 ft. in town). This is called altitude sickness. Don’t worry…it goes away quickly but you’ll feel like crap for awhile.

TIP: Take your time adjusting to the altitude. Drinks LOTS and LOTS of water and leave something like the Incline for a few weeks or months after you’ve arrived.

HIKING: There are more hiking trails around Colorado Springs than you can tackle. I’ve lived here 20 years and haven’t come close to discovering all of them. To get you started, here is a list of the top 25 trails.

SKIING & SNOWBOARDING: While most of the ski resorts are readily accessible through Denver, there are a couple within a 2-3 hour drive from Colorado Springs: Ski Cooper, Monarch, Breckenridge (if the pass isn’t closed), Crested Butte, Loveland.

TUBING: For the entire family, tubing is, well, tubular! You have got to go!! Frisco and Copper Mountain are probably the closest to us. But here is a map of all the great places to go (unless you create your own).


If you have kiddos, no worries! We have fun museums and I’m pretty sure Colorado Springs is the capital of mom-groups and play-dates! (That’s just my assessment), but this community is truly a community.

TIP: A quick search on Facebook or Meet-up will connect you with a plethora of like-minded moms, homeschooling groups, sports, family hikes, stroller runs, or anything you can think of!

Some of our favorite places to take kids are: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Pioneers Museum, Fine Arts Center, Mining Museum, May’s Bug Museum, Space Museum, just to get you started. Also, currently under construction is the U.S. Olympic Museum! For a list of all the museums in our area, check out this link.

TIP: In the winter, Acacia Park in Downtown Colorado Springs has an ice-skating rink. In the summer, the Uncle Wilbur Water Fountain is there for your kids to play in!


This is SO important. There is something about breaking bread with your neighbor. And the residents in the Springs and surrounding areas LOVE their small, independent, locally-owned cafes, restaurants, coffee & tea houses, and breweries. There are so many great options, even neighborhood cafes are popping up! It’s a wonder that anyone has a functioning kitchen anymore because there is so much to enjoy in the city. Honestly, chain restaurants struggle here because we just have too much good food!

TIP: Search for and follow all the local eateries on Facebook and Instagram. There is always live music or special events happening as well.

Link: In case you haven’t found this site, here’s a link to Military Town Advisor specifically regarding moving to Ft. Carson.

If you aren’t excited to get here, I’m not sure what else you need. There is so much to tell, but the rest you will have to discover on your own. Thankfully, Colorado Springs loves its military and I think you will find it very welcoming and friendly to you and your family!

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