Aging In Place

Almost all of us has had to walk through the tough days and years of caring for elderly grandparents or parents, understanding that finding the right living situation for them is not only physically exhausting but is emotionally draining and mentally challenging. Everyone loves the comfort of their home. It may not be the most beautiful, or even the tidiest home, but it’s ours. It has our touch, our memories…and our “feel.” It’s the space of “us”.

In decades and centuries past, it was the custom to keep elderly relatives close by and in a family home until their passing. Then, as families dispersed across the country and the world, nursing homes, and assisted-living communities sprang up. As the boomers are nearing their twilight years, and they have had to watch those before them sell the family home and start over in a group home or community, they are wondering if there might be an alternative that would allow them the comfort and pleasure of their home of choice, while meeting their changing needs, for as long as possible. They are searching for technologies and resources that will provide for the needs of the elderly who prefer to stay in their homes instead of moving into a retirement community.

Out of this desire to stay at home for as long as possible sprang up the growing trend of (with plans and technologies to support) Aging In Place. Continue reading “Aging In Place”

Universal Design Homes

What do you look for when purchasing a home? Perhaps it’s an open floor plan, an upgraded kitchen, or a large master bath. It’s fair to say that when most of us are searching for a home we consider the needs of the here and now. However, what if you could find a home that not only meets your needs currently but can adapt to your family should you face a disability or decide to reside as long as possible in that home? There is an increasing trend that started in the late 70s but has gained considerable traction over the last few years you may want to consider….that of Universal Design Homes.


Universal Design addresses the barriers faced by individuals with disabilities, the elderly, children, and other populations often overlooked in the design process. The concept of Universal Design increases the usability of an environment or product without increasing overall cost by reducing the need for design modifications at a later time.

The key word here would be: FLEXIBILITY. Continue reading “Universal Design Homes”