Healthy Eating On A Budget

Is it possible to feed a family of four on less than $500/month AND eat healthily?


After years of hearing comments and excuses about why people can not eat healthy, seeing cupboards stuffed full with food (especially junk), being shocked at how much families spend on groceries, and reading a recent article on how many “overweight” families are actually starving in our country, I thought I would share several tips I have used over the years that enable our family to eat fairly well, and on a very limited budget. Continue reading “Healthy Eating On A Budget”

Neruofeedback: Helping With Homework

Children love the thought of going back to school to see their friends, but there are very few who relish the idea of nights filled with homework. Ugh! For some kids, the stress and anxiety of dealing with schoolwork go beyond a little annoyance. The dread they feel can be paralyzing and may manifest in several different ways as each child is unique in how they express their frustration and uneasiness.


As a parent, the constant battle to keep your child focused on doing their homework can be exhausting.¬†Do any of these scenarios happen in your home: Continue reading “Neruofeedback: Helping With Homework”

Healthy Lunches For Kids

strong, healthy child

We all care about our health and the health of our children, but there are times when the effort to eat healthy slips off our priority list, despite our best intentions. Packing our kid’s school lunches seems to be one meal we tend to let slide only because we think it is too complicated or time-consuming to create a healthy meal. I’m sure you have seen the beautiful and creative school lunch ideas on social media. However, it’s not always easy keeping up with the expectations we place on ourselves when we look at Pinterest and Facebook on what they present. Some days you have to do what is quick or available, and there’s no shame if you don’t pack a Pinterest-worthy lunch every day!

Continue reading “Healthy Lunches For Kids”

Brain Injury: Do You Have One and Not Know It?

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What comes to mind when you hear the words “brain injury” or “traumatic brain injury”? For many, it conjures images of someone in a severe accident who now is unable to function physically in some capacity – whether it is slurred speech, difficulty walking, unable to use their hands, or loss of personality. But have you considered that a brain injury can be much more subtle?

Leading Causes of Brain Injury

For the purposes of this article we are not discussing non-degenerative brain trauma, instead, we are focusing on injuries sustained from an external force, also know as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Whether mild, moderate, or severe, according to the Traumatic Brain Injury National Data Center,¬†externally caused injuries, are caused by: Continue reading “Brain Injury: Do You Have One and Not Know It?”

Sports Concussions in Kids

high school football player

Now that our children are all back in school, your days are probably filled with homework and all sorts of activities, including team practice if your child is playing a sport. There is a great anticipation for Friday nights in cold stadiums, traveling for out of town exhibitions, daily practices, and not to mention the hours and miles required to make sure our children are where they need to be. Continue reading “Sports Concussions in Kids”