Benefits Of A 15-Year Mortgage

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Benefits Of A 15-Year Mortgage

“Did you know that your home could be your greatest source of saving money? For those that are financially savvy or are looking for ways to change their financial snapshot, a look at your home mortgage may be one way to drastically change your financial picture for the future.

When someone purchases a home, the location is considered, the type of house, the number of bedrooms, etc. They also evaluate what the monthly payment will be and then house-hunt based on that monthly number. Few consider the total cost of purchasing a home.” [Read more]

How To Painlessly Stash Money For The Future

A post I wrote for a client on how to prepare for saving and investing:

How To Painlessly Stash Money For The Future

“Investing. The very word conjures up images of old, rich people who throw around complicated terms such as diversification, DRIPS, ETFs, and a whole slew of other words that sound dreadfully boring and confusing.

The very idea of investing makes most people’s stomach turn. In addition, if we don’t understand it or believe we don’t have the money for it, we cover our ears and avoid even thinking about it. However, saving money for the future is NOT something to be ignored!

Fact is, the majority of Americans are woefully unprepared for their later years or unexpected expenses…… “ [Read More]