Home Design Trends for 2017

2017 home design trends

If you’re like me, you probably love to watch home shows on tv that highlight celebrity designers and flippers as they transform old, dilapidated homes into a stunning space any of us would envy.  Those inspiring shows coupled with the approach of Spring summons many of us to take a look at our personal spaces and wonder what we can do to give our home a bit of freshness.

With that in mind, I set out to put together some of the top home design trends that I see for 2017. May this inspire as you ponder ways to add a little excitement to your home, or are planning a remodel or new build. Continue reading “Home Design Trends for 2017”

A Colorado Christmas Design Trend: Stylized Woodland

One of the best aspects of Christmas time is the decorating! Around Thanksgiving we pour through our attics, descend upon the Hobby Lobby stores, and dig through our basements like a kid on Christmas morning, re-discovering the memories of years’ past, and admiring the beauty this season brings.

For many, decorating for the Christmas season also impacts the decor of our home through the winter months. I did some research on what the latest design trends were for Christmas – and how they fit into the lifestyle and culture of Colorado. Luckily, the upcoming decor trends for the holidays, and for the winter months, are perfectly suited for a Colorado home! Continue reading “A Colorado Christmas Design Trend: Stylized Woodland”